Honestly life sometimes can be so demanding that you barely find the time to sit down and just relax your mind. HENCE my lack of posts haha, it really is tough working full-time and studying but it’s all so exciting at the same time and having relaxing time means being selfish and forgetting about the piles of work you have to get through and so I’ve decided that the best time for me to have a few hours to myself around my busy schedule is definitely around now at 4/5am. 

And believe me it is very exciting posting when everyone else is asleep :D

So I guess the conclusion of this all is that my followers should expect posts from me at this hour of the morn’.

Happy Tuesday All stay blessed and peace.

- Chaiforthelonely xx

A kick start into the world of lifestyle blogging..

So I am evidently a newbie to wordpress and buying my newest baby whom I like to call Benjamin (cannon eos 600d) has enlightened my vision of the lifestyle blogging world. 

I have a thing or two for reading books, photography, travelling (the little of it I do), fashion and art and flipping eating food.

I excessively use the words ‘super’, ‘flipping’, and OMG forgot to mention my love for kpop and never ending interest and thirst to expand my knowledge on my religion.

Basically you can tell already that this space is to share everything…lifestyle right?

P.s. Chai is the arabic word for tea and tea is another one of my loves.